Monday, September 10, 2012

Request for participation: SRII Big Data and Advanced Analytics SIG

The term Big Data has been significantly overhyped. The reality is that Big Data doesn’t matter unless actionable business insights are gleaned from that data. A comprehensive solution also needs to scalably address key client concerns such as privacy, security, and intellectual property rights. The Big Data and Advanced Analytics SIG will focus on the following topics:

Big Data and Advanced Analytics Concepts:
  • What is ‘Big Data’ / Advanced Analytics and why should we care?
  • Structured vs. unstructured; SQL vs. NoSQL: What does it all mean?
  • Need for scale: machine learning and ‘Big Data’ / Advanced Analytics
  • Big Data / Advanced Analytics and the ‘Democratization of Data’

The Big Data Ecosystem:
  • Infrastructure: faster data access, streams, specialized hardware,…
  •  Middleware: data-access, manipulation, mining, metadata tagging,…
  •  End solutions: advanced analytics, automated interventions,…
  • The war for talent: seeking the elusive Data Scientist

Delivering Real Client Impact:
  • From technology toolkits to solutions focused on solving end-customer business needs: how Big Data / Advanced Analytics has evolved
  • Real client case studies of the impact of these technologies
  • Protecting privacy, security, intellectual property in a Big Data world

The Future of Big Data / Advanced Analytics:
  •  Data platforms and cloud based analytics
  • Automated Data Scientist technologies
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The Big Data and Advanced Analytics SIG is chaired by:
  • Arijit Sengupta from BeyondCore
  • Murray Campbell from IBM

We appreciate your feedback and guidance on the focus areas for this SIG. Please suggest any changes / extensions by using the comment feature of this blog. Would you like to join this SIG? If so, please email varterberry at your brief profile. Thank you,

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Welcome to the SRII Blogs

SRII's Mission is to: Drive Research & Innovation for “IT Enabled Services” for a Better World

SRII is a non-profit led by senior leaders from major IT companies like IBM, HP, Microsoft, Cisco, SAP, Ericsson, Intel, Oracle, Infosys, Symantec ...etc in close partnership with academia, research institutes, as well as government organizations from around the world.

SRII Special Interest Groups (SIGs) include:
  • Heath Care IT Services 
  • Big Data and Advanced Analytics 
  • Cloud/Mobile Services 
  • Service Innovation/Engineering/Quality 
  • Cross Enterprise Collaboration (CEC) 
  • High Performance Computing for Services 
  • Service Management and Marketing 
  • IT Service Management 

SRII is headquartered in Silicon Valley. SRII Geographic Chapters include:
  • SRII India 
  • SRII Thailand 
  • SRII Taiwan 
  • SRII Japan 
  • SRII Spain 
  • SRII UK 

This blog will feature thought-leadership articles from our SIG and Chapter leadership.